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Welcome to 368 & 370 St Nicholas Avenue, New York residents website. Our public pages provide information on our residence and its surroundings.
Our next General Owner's meeting
will be on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 7pm!

To find information regarding the Board, housing rules, bylaws, Board meeting minutes, initiatives and more, please visit our Residents Pages. If you do not have an access code, the Board will provide you one.

Important Recycling Information
trash canPlease do not forget to respect recycling rules. As a reminder: "All New York City residents are required by law to recycle".
Our residence is fined every time a violation is observed by the department of sanitation. Visit our Recycling page for more information.


Alternate Side Parking
CleaningThe City suspends alternate side parking regulations, for both street cleaning purposes and traffic flow, on the 34 legal and religious holidays listed on the DoT website.
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South view from the roof of the Condo.


This site and its recommendations are built by and for the residents of 368 & 370 St Nicholas Avenue in New York City. Content provided for information only. Visitors are welcome in the public section.

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